Research & Innovation


The use of modern analysis systems as well as the systematic inspection of the materials utilised ensure both consistent and first-rate product quality. Tests are carried out on each and every product, from when the raw materials are sourced through to every other stage of the production cycle. All products undergo dermatological testing.


PIETRASANTA PHARMA S.p.A.utilises solvent free and natural rubber latex free adhesives throughout the production of its adhesive dressings. These are UV reticulation Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive adhesives that guarantee excellent grip on the support to which they are applied via a transfer coating process.
They are also kind to the skin, as unlike other types of (solvent based) adhesives, they are not harsh or potentially allergenic, which is a very important characteristic for the consumer. Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive adhesives have a "clean" production cycle. The coating process does not release solvents that are harmful to the environment or to the production workers; therefore extractor fans and toxic refluent recycling are not necessary. All of these elements are what make PIETRASANTA PHARMA S.p.A. dressing products truly unique also when it comes to their impact on the environment.


PIETRASANTA PHARMA S.p.A. uses cutting edge and highly automated machinery in its production cycle. The machinery is designed and built to satisfy the specific needs of the business production cycle. Nothing is predefined, as everything is highly customised to suit the technical and quality needs of the business. The high level of automation, combined with human controls carried out by highly specialised personnel, yields uncommonly high qualitative results within the dressing products sector. The management of production quality is fundamental at PIETRASANTA PHARMA S.p.A. All machinery is equipped with state of the art systems to maintain the required quality standards, moving ever closer to the "zero defect" target. Modern technologies designed to deliver a high quality product in tamper-proof and anti-contamination packs are also used at the product packaging stage. To guarantee a product that is of high quality and is truly different from any alternatives on the market, for the end consumer and for the pharmacy.


The core business of the company centres around dressings of the Master-Aid ®brand, which is known for high quality and technological innovation. There are significant investments currently being planned in terms of products and advertising aiming to strengthen and increase the value of the other company brands, which are becoming more and more relevant.